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Plug-in model for Tools

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Is there any plans to make the toolinfo/tool classes work like the effect classes and support plug-ins? It seems today there is a hard coded list of tools that get created vs. using that Assembly.Load technique and a tools plug-in directory like the effects one.

Just curious,

Would like to create some plug-inable (is that a word?) tools vs. just effects.



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Supporting plugins for Tools is not a very good idea. The reason is that the Tools are tightly coupled to the rest of the application, and so by providing a plugin model we:

1) Must expose the internals of the entire application,

2) Have less flexibility to change implementation details,

3) Make people mad if we do refactor, redesign, or change things to increase performance in ways that break their plugins,

4) Don't necessarily have a good way to "place" the tools. Do they go at the top of the list? The bottom? What if you added a selection tool, shouldn't it go along with the other selection tools? It quickly degrades the user experience, I do not want to have the "browser toolbar flood" problem in Paint.NET (you know like those screenshots where you see someone who installed 50 toolbars in to Firefox or IE6 and it's just a disgrace).

It just doesn't really work out in the end.

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