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Form Fitting Objects?

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I've spent quite a bit of time trying to wrap a tribal tattoo around a bald man's head, or at least the image of one.

I have the head on one layer and the tattoo on another. I have been trying to use Distort > Warp Point (Which I found while searching) and Distort > Power Stretch (which was already in my effects folder) and have gotten close but I'm wondering if there is an easier way.

Is there a tool available that will allow me to select a section of a layer and begin manipulating it? What I am really hoping to find is a tool that places numerous nodes around the selected area and allows me to drag them into any position necessary... like a more advance version of the :LineCurveTool: tool. It would be really cool if it were possible to use the outline tools and then add nodes to them. Anything like that available or possibly in the works?

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Anything like that available or possibly in the works?

not that

I know of, but if you're looking to fit an image around something round, try shape3D. With it, you can map the image to a sphere, which would be a good starting point for a bald head.

hope this helps.


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no extra nodes sorry. I wish they had that as well.

for shaping these are some I use

there is the Octagonal/quad reshape matt plug in.

there is Tube oblique

there is power stretch

there is point wrap.

lens sometimes helps.

often I just select and pull the nodes (rotate your image as required for even stretch)

I use all of the above


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