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Animated SNOW <<


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Like everyone know: It's almost Christmas !

So i came at the idea to find a topic with 'Snow' and not with 'Rain'

I -stole- some idea's :x

Sorry ,,

But i made some difference thing's.

I used this topic : http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3957&st=0&sk=t&sd=a

But i made it animated + different.

This is what we become :


Here are my step's :

1. Take Your Picture ( Mine : 1Snowy.jpg )

2. Make a NEW layer << :AddNewLayer:

3. Fill it up with Black :PaintBucketTool:

4. Use 'Add Noise' :AddNoise: (With the green +) >> Intensity:100 Color Saturation:0 Coverage :100,00<<

5. After That use 'Oil Painting' :OilPainting: >> Brush Size:1 Coarseness: (Whatever you want) 3 <<

6. Use Glow :Glow: >>Radius:6 Brightness:10 Contrast:10<<

7. Use Pencil Sketch (To make the snow look Bigger) :PencilSketch: >>Pencil Tip Size:20 Range:20 <<

8. Motion Blur (To make it a little invisible) :MotionBlur: >> Angel:25,00 Distance:5 Centered'ON' <<

9. Layer Properties >> Mode:Screen <<

10. Your Picture Is Done !

11. Do This 2 time's more (THE SNOW MUST ALWAYS LOOK DIFFERENT !!)

(>> You also can try 2 time's,But 3 time's looks better ^^ !+ the snow doesn't 'stop' ^^<<)

12. Save it as = GIF (TIP > Save these on your Desktop !!<>Give Them Numbers 1-3 !<)

13. Instal Unfreeze.

(Link >> http://www.whitsoftdev.com/unfreez/

Scroll all the way down,There is the downloadlink (TIP > Put Unfreeze on your Desktop !<)

14.Put them all in the Program (> Frame Delay :5 [You can choose again !])

15. Save It And This Is Your Animated Snow !

Hope you like my tut ^^

And sorry for the -stealing- topic :x

I just want to share this ^^'

Merry X-mas people,

Bye-Bye ^^

Moon22 ~

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Great tut yo. Works and easy to understand.


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   I kno this is a bit late but i just have to say, AWESOME! hey it takes good ideas to spark great ideas. I do my own thing too off of tutorials BUT if it wasn't for the original 'tuts' we wouldn't have had these nifty ideas to begin with. So hats off to these creative people who have made it this far. I just took an awesome art piece (not mine i do not take credit). And i did this first time out so thanx for allowing me to do this...

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