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Post a picture of your computer setup


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i did a paint.net search, and i dont think there any of this sort, only case mods and computer mods, but this one is for posting a pic of your SETUP and details so like-setupyo.gif

Hp( Shudderrs :? ) 2gb RAM,2.4GhZ, core duo, vista 360gigs hd, 1 hd xD 17" screen, wireless mouse and keyboard, mini pc, nearly as small as atom edifier speakers and thats my setup :wink:

and i guess this is just to see what comps people use x)

*edit* the qualities bad because i flipped the image 90 degrees

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Hmm I thought we had something like this but maybe that was on a different forum, anyway:


Compaq Presario

AMD Athlon 64 3500+

2.20 GHz, 960 MB of RAM

265 Gigs/3 hdds

20" LCD (Samsung SyncMaster 205BW), Altec Lansing speakers, Wacom Bamboo tablet, Linksys Routers, wired Logitech mouse and keyboard, Mountain Dew


^Click to visit my Flickr Gallery^

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