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What it shuold do?

Pictures in web have often black or white backgrounds and no tranparency (JPEG files). AlphaSpace converts the background into transparency and also recognizes shadows and makes them semi-tranparent.




Edited with magic wand:


AlphaSpace with low Tolerance:


AlphaSpace with high Tolerance:





Deutsche Version:



PS: my first plug-in for paintdotnet


Edited by toe_head2001
Fixed broken images

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@MaR-V-iN you should put (on this forum) the English version should come first and then the German one. The link to the download should also be here it shouldn't be a redirect to another (German) forum. The plugin seems great though, nice job.

@KJslove1994 that's not needed but you should so you can get proper personal support, as for the plugin it self MaR-V-iN as the link for the forum where it's posted, although it should be posted here too.

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Where do you put this plugin after you've downloaded? I can't find it in pdn after I put it in the effects folder.

Never mind, I found it. It works great. This is awesome.

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