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jigsaw plugin?

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hi. i am new to paint.net and plug ins. but boy am i excited. just bought myself a wacom bamboo fun and was considering spending a small fortune on better programs for it until i found paint.net. it is everything i needed.

Now i have a question I hope someone might be able to answer. thanx in advance if you can help. sorry in advance if it already exists and i just didn't look very well.

I work in a special needs school and make some very very very simple type programs for the students there designed to fit their needs. basically i just play around a bit until i get what i need for them.

what I am looking for is some sort of a jigsaw maker plugin. one that puts the jigsaw over the picture so students can work with things they are familiar with, eg. photo's of family, pets etc. i haven' yet found anything that suits my needs in other programs though i came close in powerpoint. what would be even better, in fact absolutely fantastic, would be something that not only makes the pieces so they can be printed and laminated and cut out etc. but something that also had the capability to split the pieces individually, so they can be moved. mixed up a bit.

Will briefly explain reason why ....

In powerpoint I've made some jigsaws where students use a switch (modified mouse) and pieces appear, but it is not exactly like a jigsaw as such. Rather I had to make far too many layers or animations (not sure what to call them exactly) to create the effect.

But if one piece at a time could appear, like with a regular jigsaw you might make at home, that would be far more realistic.

in fact, it would be a handy little plug in. i can see my mum using it to make jigsaws for grand kids out of photo's etc.

anyway, any help would be great,

from ellem, down in here in australia

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Firstly, this is in the wrong section - you may want to bear that in mind when posting again.

As for your question, I have written a plugin called CustomFrame which allows you to select an image from a list and have it drawn over the image (with transparency not, of course). You may be able to create several Jigsaw frames and have pupils select one randomly.

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