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An idea for vector support

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Vector support could be kind of like a "smart layer" in photoshop, you double click it to open it, but instead of incorporating vector abilities into PDN, just open an SVG editor like Inkscape. Then when you save and close Inkscape, the layer in PDN is updated.

The layer itself would only contain the xml text info, and PDN would need to render it - thus PDN would need to utilise an "svg viewer" type plugin.

The user would also need to have Inkscape installed.

I thought this would be the best easiest way to do it.

(There is no need to reinvent the wheel)

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I believe, the original post was not about implementing vector graphic elements into pdn but rather about a highly welcome interface (with inkscape) to smoothen such a workflow.

Instead of even rendering svg in pdn, which would indeed be reinventing the wheel, one could rather trigger inkscape via commandline to export to png (or other) after having edited svg data...

I guess there'd be a few things to consider, if one wanted to integrate both apps, e.g.:

- svg data (how to embed ...or... link with respective external data)

- image data to be loaded into a paint.net layer with meaningful size / resolution / placement

This could even be like a "general adapter" to:

- embed external data that pdn hands over when calling any app which offers an interface to pdn

- embed returned data after having finished editing in that app

- importing any image data exported by that app in an appropriate format into the current layer

- applying meaningful size & placement parameters either before calling that app or after importing its output

- indicating that external data are attached to a layer using an "embedded content" indicator (favorably the external apps icon), which may be removed at any time, only leaving the user with the imported image information

I know, such things potentially bloat the whole idea of pdn, but then again it could also be just slick and utterly powerful... with a bit of a (longterm) team effort with the folks over at inkscape. Following the "adapter" idea, other data might be integrated as well using some rather simple "external tools" configuration (file).

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Guess you're right... I mean, the "adapter" idea kinda sounds like a precursor to OLE, which doesn't seem to have been the most appreciated concept in software integration... whereas copy & paste usually works out of the box only requiring (hopefully) little tweaking of the imported data wherever pasted... and that extra bit of data / application management whenever you want to work in both worlds.

Other than that, having vector and pixel tools smoothly integrated seems to be the designers dream, doesn't it?

Just a never-ending story ;-)

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