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Cola's Gallery (Updated 2/20/2009)


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~Welcome to my gallery~


First sig


First sig revised


Sig after i've had some experience with PDN


Animated Space Orb sig


100 Posts Shipping box sig



First Avatar



Scroll for the Dethklok fans.I came up with the concept and made this.If you would like to understand where it came from,listen from 1:00-1:20 on their song "Murmaider".


This if my first attempt at a space scape.Click the image to see 800x600 size


This is my this is my more "animated" looking version of the halo 3 battle rifle.Click the link below to see the real image


Real Image

My Re-make (the original pic is not used in the remake)


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Thanks man,it took a bit of time to do since im still learning the program so lots of trial and error to bring out the image i had in my head but im happy with it.Im eager to see what others think from a much more experienced artistic perspective than myself and who better than the people on the forums who use the program a lot.Thanks for your reply

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That's terrific for a first attempt. I agree with Down, though, the gray bars don't quite seem to fit. I would recommend changing the color, maybe to a lighter red, and drawing (in a new layer) a curvy white line. Make the line taper by using motion blur, and adjust the layer opacity down to where it looks good.

Photobucket Sucks!

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Thanks for all the comments guys,i actually like the gray bars on there but i am making them a bit different and will repost once im done,they seemed a bit out of place but not exactly needing to be removed so im tweaking it,and thanks for the reply jake lol after all you were my inspiration to start!

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thanks i really appreciate it,im still new to the whole graphic art thing i've only been doing it since but i look at the sig i released yesterday and at my other stuff and i really feel i've reached a new level out of beginner since my older designs,which is inspiring and encouraging to me.I like your sig as well.I'm a fan of half life myself,it looks good,reminds me of when he gets stuck in the transporter from 2

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@oma and LFC4EVER

Thank you very much for your comments,i'm really glad you like my work so far,i just started doing graphic art,well actually visual art in general in the beginning of December,Before that all my artistic abilities went to music but i felt like it was time to cross into visual arts.

I really do appreciate the comments,they make me feel like i'm moving in the right direction art wise.

As far as then antialiasing,i believe i did use it but i made the mistake of not creating the sig in a bigger size then sizing down after which i think would have made it look better.

Again thanks for the comments,i'll be sure to update my gallery with finished projects as they are made.

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I really like your current sig. Simple concept, but very well done. I especially like the 'sun ray' effect. As a matter of fact, I've been looking for a tutorial on how to create a 'sun ray' from scratch. I know how to enhance one, but from scratch is a different matter. Maybe, possibly, you could post one? :)

And the figures in the sig could do with just a tiny bit more blending. Other than that, though, great job!

Photobucket Sucks!

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