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OtherFarmColorReplacer :: Color Replacer Effect


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This effect enables you to remove/change a color (with a tolerance)

* choose a color you want to remove/change
* set a tolerance for this color (0= use this exact color till 100 = all colors)
* select the replacing color (transparent/primary/secondary/choose one)
* keep color distance or work with a single color
* apply transparency if wanted

download :: OtherFarmColorReplacer . dll | src (version 1.1 :: 7 december 2008)


Paint.NET :: Effects >> Color >> Color Replacer


publishing history:
version 1.0 - 7 dec 2008
version 1.1 - 7 dec 2008
- corrected transparency (from 0-100 to 0-255)
- added color distance functionality
next version
- 3 additional tolerance sliders for the color to change (one per RGB channel)
- remove 'use transparency' checkbox (transparency slider is sufficient)


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Worked really good for me with something simple, like this buckeye leaf

Original -a14f0d4e628dd118.jpg


I think that came in better than it did when i tried changing the hue of it, which distorted it a little.

However, with something a little more detailed, I just can't get it to come out right. Right now, it's easier for me, to use hue/saturation, and curve bending, than it is to use this effect on certain pictures.

original- banner-2-1.png


Note* I have checked "Keep Color Distance", and had a tolerance of about 50 for both of these example.


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Like all effects: For some wishes, it's ideal, for some others, it's not.

Your output could have been (slightly) better if you've chosen a darker output color.

But I admit, your example, the large color span to replace (from almost white to a darkgreen), doesn't seem to be the ideal challenge for this effect :wink:

On the other hand, this effect goes further/faster than lots of other color replacing effects I've seen so far. Like I said, it depends on what/how you use it, I guess.

It can also be used to remove parts of an image, (un)like 'magic wand' + 'delete'.


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You can easily change only the backgroundcolor or only the textcolor of images containing text (newspaper, code snippets,...).

I used to:

- apply a filter (hue,...) on the image, but this changed the backgroundcolor and the textcolor

- or 'tried' to select the text with magical wand, change a color, having problems with color transitions from text to background.


1: choose your primary color (e.g. background color newspaper) and open the effect

2: with 'make transparent', adjust your color to replace (color & tolerance slider). You can now see how far the effect will take place (= super-magical wand).

3: check 'keep color distance', select 'other color', choose your color and finetune (2&3)

tip: changing the lightness/darkness of (in/output) colors in combination with changing the tolerance can do wonders


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  • 4 years later...

Links are all dead.  Closing this topic unless someone can provide the DLL or source (PM me).

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Thanks Pyrochild. Thanks also to toe_head and null54 who PM'd me the source.

Edited by Ego Eram Reputo
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