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Forum for Plugin Discussion -- Never Mind!

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I think there should be a separate forum to discuss and ask questions about writing plugins. There's a forum for publishing plugins, but that's for publishing only.

The documentation on writing Paint.NET plugins is sorely lacking. Gimp has extensive documentation of calls and data structures for writing Gimp plugins, as does Adobe for PhotoShop. Paint.NET has a couple of brief primers and code examples. Admittedly, writing Paint.NET plugins is considerably simpler than writing Gimp or PhotoShop plugins, and much can be gleaned by examining other people's code, and by using IntelliSense in Visual Studio.

Nevertheless, if we want to encourage people to write plugins, we should make it easy to do. And the best way to make it easier is to share the knowledge of how to do it. Of course, there is the General Discussion forum, but at currently 156 pages, there's an awful lot of chaff it sift through to find a few grains of wheat. That's why I suggest a separate forum devoted to writing plugins, both using CodeLab and directly with Visual Studio.

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We don't delete threads around here, but I'll lock it if it makes you feel better. :-)


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