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Compare: PDN and PS

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With all the available plug-ins, how different, really, is paint.net from photoshop? Is there another costly program that is better than PDN? I have never used any other photo enhancement program, so I have no idea...

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Photoshop is the granddaddy of this type of software.

But, many freewares can hold their own.

Each program have their pors and cons. (ie. PDN can do some task much faster than PS.)

I've found Paint.NET can pretty much do everything that photoshop can.

However, one would need to "think" more when using PDN.

Need to find ways to get around some limitations.

More fun if you ask me.

But, if you use this kind of programs as a professional tool, then the easier/faster you can get the job done, the better.

For every day use, Paint.NET is free, fast, easy to understand, awesome plugins, good forum which IMO is powerful enough.

For other freewares, there are quite a few, I would recommend trying GIMP and Artweaver besides Paint.NET

GIMP: Even more powerful in some areas, harder to use, bad UI.

Artweaver: Awesome brush system, didn't like it at 1st try.

Re-tried when I got my drawing tablet and made a world of difference.

If you like doing hand drawing/painting. Artweaver+Tablet is a must have.

Using these 3, I don't see much need for paid programs like Photoshop for everyday none professional use.

Hope that helps.


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