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Infrared Effect filter effect ??

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The tutorial BoltBait pointed you to makes use of the Gradient Mapping plugin. That's how it applies a range of colours. Now, all you need to do is change the colours advised in the tutorial to the black and white you wish for.

Alternatively, follow the tutorial to the end then apply the Black and White adjustment (Adjustments menu > Black and White).

As a side note, a tutorial should be used to learn new methods as well as type of results. Because there is no tutorial that exactly meets your needs, that doesn't mean can't apply the methodology of one tutorial for your own purposes. We can't create a tutorial for every possible effect known to mankind, that would be impossible ;).

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Actually Myrddin, a black and white infrared looks like this:


So yeah, Adjustments > Black and White then Adjustments > Invert Colors should do the trick.

[Edit] Okay, I think I found out how. Infrared B&W takes a normal picture, inverts the luminosity of greens, then runs a black and white filter on it, or at least so in Paint.NET wording. So duplicate your picture, and run the Black and white adjustment on the bottom layer. Then, on the top layer, use Gradient Mapping on these settings:

Gradient: Transparent-White-White

Source: Green

Use the middle white slider in the gradient for fine tuning. Good luck!

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YES...That did it...

Although I had to move the Background layer (original) to the top...and add a WHITE point on the Gradient Map. To get the proper contrast....

Well I think I get it...I'm a lot closer though...


Edit...No, don't have it..'

how about a more detailed instruction...Seams I can get some green, white, but all..My attemp looks like a invertion with extra something



Enjoy your photoghaphy, even if your spouse doesn't


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Blooper, you got the original of the image in your post?

Yes, so you all could see what turned dark, no white..

I will have play around with it...

Keeping the orginal background layer on the bottom did not seem to be affacted by the top layers adjustments at all.

So I put it on top, but then, it did not react the way I thought it should...

Pilot error I quess, and not fully understanding the order of things to do.

I will have to re-read the post and try again.....

OT: just downloaded the "Shape3Dll..........What a fanciating effect....

Enjoy your photoghaphy, even if your spouse doesn't


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No, it's an actual infrared BW shot. I didn't edit that one.

My guess is you won't be able to do anything like that because from what I understand, infrared can come from any color, so while green plants and such might reflect sun infrareds, another non-photosynthetic green item wouldn't necessarily do that. So there's really no automatic process for it. The 'extra something' you're talking about is the greens that don't actually reflect infrareds and that are being inverted in the process. My guess is your best bet would be using a mix of my method and alpha masking, but that's going to take ages, probably much more than going to take a picture.

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I see, but I have a way from the method in your earlier post.


That's what I used.

I started with 2 layers with the same image. I used Curves+ to make everything but the green transparent on the top layer. Then I increased the brightness of the green stuff using, again, Curves+. After that, I just desaturated the foliage in the bottom layer with the Conditional Hue/Sat plugin.


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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