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Stylistic Font

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I am sure there was a font on an earlier version of Paint.net called "Stylistic". I used it a lot creating banners for my website because it suited the site so well. I am now using version 3.36. Have not seen this font on the last couple of versions of Paint.net. Is there any way to get it back ?

Have not had any experience in downloading fonts before.

Thanks in advance, Mickmac :mrgreen:

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Hey Mickmac.

Paint.NET has never come packaged with fonts - it uses the same fonts that are installed on your system (C:\Windows\Fonts folder). If you've seen the font somewhere before, then it was installed on the system you were using at the time.

You could perform a Google search for the font name and, if found, install it on your system using the tutorial found here: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=26983

If you were using a different computer then than you are now, and you still have access to the other computer, you could grab the TTF file for that font from the C:\Windows|Fonts directory there, then copy it to yours.

If your still using the same system, then that's really weird, as fonts usually don't just disappear. If so, did you uninstall any programs around the time you noticed its absence?

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Hi Crazy Man Dan,

Thanks for the quick reply. I don't know where that Stylistic font came from, I just checked the list of fonts in my version of XP and it is not there. The link you posted about how to download fonts to your computer, I actually found that tutorial using Google just before you replied, and tried to do it but failed, not sure what I am doing wrong but could not get it to work. I have never had any luck when it comes to extracting files etc. Will keep at it until I get the hang of it, might try to find someone around here to show me where I am going wrong, but it is hard to find someone like that here, (I am living in the far north of Thailand.)

Thanks again, Mickmac

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Hi Crazy Man Dan,

I just found a post by "usedHONDA" from back in Feb 2007, and he said "You can also drag and drop a font into the fonts folder (if it isn't in a compressed folder)." I tried it and it worked ! I can't believe how easy it is, been trying to do this for ages. Thanks you guys for your help and advice, I don't know what I would do without this forum, Mickmac :lol::D

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