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Just posting my first signature ever :mrgreen:

Im very proud of it and it took me a lot of effort

First Signature


Second Signature for a friend


Third signature for a friend


First time i tried to reduce the darkness on my cut-out, turned out well so might update the old sigs as well :)

Killerhangar's Signature


Its just simply the best signature ive made so far..

Yours, Dengel

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I disagree with Ouchy_S, it's great that cut your own images. That gives your sigs more value, and when you move to other images (like anime characters, football players, actors etc.) you won't be held down by a bad cut-out. I think you're quite good at rendering.

Your sigs, on the other hand, need some work. You should try something like this. You're well on your way to the top! Keep it up!

Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.

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