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Coloured vignettes and better soft focusing

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This is my first time posting, so I apologize if this is in the wrong area...

issue #1: i added the ed harvey plugin which came with a TON of stuff... i only needed the vignette tool which works great, but i want to be able to turn the vignette alternate colours other than black. yes i know i have the option of creating a new layer, filling it with the desired colour, and then using the gradiant tool, but its just not cutting it for me, as the image still has a tint of whatever colour i have selected


issue #2: i like the idea of being able to soften the portrait, but i find it distorts the the image colours SO much, that it ruins the picture for me. is there a more subtle way of softening the portrait without the colours being distorted?


maybe i'm being picky, but any help is greatly appreciated! i'm a newbie to paint.net so dummy down the instructions if possible please and thank you

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Duplicate the layer first, then use soften, then adjust the top layers opacity. Also, try playing with 'multiply' and 'reflect' blend modes at low opacity from a duplicate of the softened layer.


That may still be a little overcooked for your liking, but again, you can just put the original picture on a new layer, and reduce the opacity of the top layer.

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