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tHs' Video Log [Hero pt 2+3!!]

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Welcome to my video log. I will update this frequently with videos to help you improve your skills from your head master, tHs. To begin, this is no way a promo for my youtube account, or any other youtube account. The videos in this log will not only be on youtube, but I will be releasing packs so you can download the video in high quality, plus the .pdn.

So here is the first video in the series entitled House.






Note: I messed up the song order for the end credits on the 2nd one. Real order:

Live Your Life - TI ft. Rihanna

I'm Yours - Jason Mraz

What goes around... - Justin Timberlake

Here is a video on the sig named Hero.






Note:Sorry for the few minutes of silence. Something messed up on the audio file. If you demand music while you see me work, then start humming.

I will be uploading a new video tomorrow.

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fixed photobucket images

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That's some amazing work! I watched both of them. I'd like to see a text tutorial though cause I can't follow that one since the video is pretty small. I'm sure making a text tutorial for that won't be easy though.

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Thanks for watching.

I'll make a text tutorial tomorrow.

Right now I'm uploading a vid for this sig:


Should be up in the morning.

Edit: Songs for Pt 1 of "Hero" tag are:

Holding On - Scary Kids Scaring Kids

Believe Me - Fort Minor

Edit 2: Pt1 is up!

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