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Launch paint.net from context menu?

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in Vista, if you right-click an image file, you can click "Open with..." and then select "Choose default program" where you can choose Paint.NET to open that type of image file.

Subsequently, if you double-click an image file of that type, it would open in Paint.NET

I think this works in XP, too.


This sentence is a lie.

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1. Download this Program - FileTypesMan - and Open it

2. Look for the Extensions you want to edit

3. When you find one Double click on the 'Edit' row and change the 'Command Line' to:

"Where you installed Paint.net\PaintDotNet.exe" "%1"

(with the quotes)

So you would most likely put in:

"C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\PaintDotNet.exe" "%1"

(Again WITH the quotes)

If the file doesn't have an 'Edit' thingy at the bottom, make sure you've got the offending filetype highlighted, click on 'Actions' (at the top)> New Action. Then for the top two boxes type 'Edit' and for 'Command-Line' put in what I explained in Step 3.


If you do that you can put in ANY FILETYPE (although you should probably make sure it works in PDN). I hope I wasn't too confusing :?

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