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SDOTY :: Sig Designer of the Year[Rules+Bracket pg1]updated

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Ya know what.. I've made a big mistake. I said I had all of the entries.. well I only had 16.. instead of 32. :(

This isn't good. I have a set deadline and a lot of people have just forgotten about it.

It looks like a lot of people will be able to get pass round 1 for free.. and maybe round 2. :(

Since I have 16 entries I could redo the whole brackets for 16 people instead of 32. What do you all think?

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That would be more fair I think at least, because then the title "semi-final" counts for nothing, cus people could have just jumped thier way there. And some people would have to make more sigs. As long as I'm not against someone too insane, haha. Nah, but redo the brackets I say.

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