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SDOTY :: Sig Designer of the Year[Rules+Bracket pg1]updated

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Question...Do we have to make a new sig each new round? If so, I cannot do this my computer has just broken and I have sent it the "Geek Squad", as you can see it is near the holidays and the Geek Squad is very busy with other computers that have been there before I sent mine in. If I do go onto the next round I might not be able to participate in this one since they have to build a new running system and that will delete everything on my computer clean, Plugins and Paint.NET itself. At the moment I am on a very slow computer and am trying to convert my disks of saved data over to it so I might not have another entrie in time or I might. But this will only apply if we need a new sig each round.

Thanks for time,


P.S. Everyone good luck in this compitetion and hopefully you will win. :D


Gamertag 360: xX 8 Balll (Three L's)

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