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SDOTY :: Sig Designer of the Year[Rules+Bracket pg1]updated

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Sig Designer of the Year

Several sites I've been to have been working on a SDOTY, or Sig Designer of the Year. I messaged David and he said that it sounded like a good idea, so I want to see who would be up for it. Just post here if you want to participate and if you have any ideas then just let me know via this thread. Here are some of the rules that will be set as of now:

-No set style, theme, etc. The whole thing will be freestyle.

-Paint.net must be the only program used, although you may use C4Ds, Renders/Stocks/ etc. All resources must be linked back in your post.

-The competition will be all brackets, so each round you will make a different sig.

-Winner wins a custom mini-sig with their name, and the place they recieved, personally made by me.

-Each artist who enters will be put into a tournament maker program, so all seeding will be randomized.

Note: This does not take into effect with the annual awards (if they are going to be held). This is just like a sig of the week, just longer and yearly.

So just make a little comment if you are interested in participating. We need at least 16 entries, hopefully 32. So tell your friends! Maybe you can be named Sig Designer of the Year by the community itself.


-Submissions for round 1 must be PM'd to me with links to resources if possible.

-Submissions for round 1 must be submitted by December 17th.

-Here is the bracket:


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I say yes for a few main reasons:

1. It is sig designer of the year, so things by that artist previously in the year should be able to help them win.

2. Some people may not be able to pump out tags as quickly as needed due to their tight schedules.

3. If everyone can do it, then everyone benefits equally.

Also, only yes under the conditions:

1. You can't repeat the use of a tag.

2. They are still able to meet the criteria stated for submitting a tag.

Theres my input ^_^


^ Made with Paint.NET

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