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Create a Waving Flag Using Displacement!

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Hi Saif and Welcome to the forum :) .


I think you may have become confused with the instructions in Step 3.


1.  After you draw the black and white lines on their own layer, you must then Gaussian Blur the layer and merge this layer with the grey #808080 layer.


2.  You must then Copy and Paste the 'merged' layer into a new layer of it's own on top.


3.  Uncheck all the other layers except the above new copy and pasted layer.  Go to Image and Flatten and save this file to desktop (or a folder) as a .png.


4.  Now 'Undo' your Flatten which is done by clicking the bottom blue arrow :Undo:  in the History window.  Now everything returns as before.


5.  Make sure the black lines layers are 'unchecked'.


6.  Go to the Flag layer and then do Alpha Displacement and continue the tutorial.




(Also make sure the Displacement box is checked as well).


I hope this helps you.  Good luck!

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....And this is why Pixey is Queen of, she's very helpful! :D I love this plug in and used it to create all the flag icons for the last website I worked for. a few years back. There's so much that can be done with this plug in and the rotating zoom feature.



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