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How Do I: Add a Coloured Vignette to a Photo?

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So I figured out how to do a black and white 'vignette' on a colour photo, but I am looking for how to add a coloured vignette like this:

http://www.searsportraits.ca/portrait_c ... gnette.asp

Ive tried with a linear gradient but either I cant see the picture on the layer underneath or it is not completely transparent in the center of the image (which is what Im going for).

Maybe I just dont understand gradients?

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Well, try this:

  1. [*:18id16nz]Add a new layer.
    [*:18id16nz]Fill it with white.
    [*:18id16nz]Run Vignette plugin.
    [*:18id16nz]Invert colors, so the vignette is white and the fill is black.
    [*:18id16nz]Run Alphamask plugin. You should have the white Vignette on a transparent background. If you don't, then check the Invert checkbox before clicking done.
    [*:18id16nz]Run Color Filter to color it the way you want.

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put your picture on bottom layer

add a layer

use paint bucket to fill that layer at about 100 alpha opacity of pink

select gradiant tool :GradientTool::RadialGradient: just above the drawing screen set it to Radian Gradient.

change from color mode to transparency mode like this


right clik where you want the transparent part babies face drag out to the edges.


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