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What Video Games are you playing?


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So I was playing cod5 online and after a few rounds I joined a level up server (I didn't know it until I ranked up after every kill....>_>)

So now I have every gun and I only need to complete a few more challenges to upgrade them all.

Fg42, k98, T100 and the Carbine work especially well.

The sounds and lighting effects could be better, but it's still lots of fun.

Now...If only the files on the zombie server would d/l faster then 13kb/s...Which is completely bogus!1!!



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Mother 3 (some fans made a patch that translates the entire gamne into english, and it's pretty awesome)

Crysis Warhead (thanks to Nabster)

And Company of heroes

Warhead is really short though. Crytek should've added at least few more levels, because the game could easily be beaten within an hour or two. Maybe three or four if you're playing on insane difficulty.

Anyway.......*gets back to fixing Nabster's PC*

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