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Is there actually a way to obtain the bounds of the current selection? I just want a rectangle that encloses the selection. If I can't get the information then I'm limited to using the centre of the image (assuming I dont add some fiddly control in the effect dialog to enable the user to adjust the origin)?

I thought the dstArgs.Bounds inside the render() method would be this information, but it doesn't appear so. Just wondering if I'm missing something. If not, could this be added sometime maybe? :wink:

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There should be a way to get at the current slection (EffectEnvironmentParameters, IIRC). And that should have a GetBounds() method.

dstArgs.Bounds just retrieves a Rectangle that defines the bounds for the entire output layer. It is always at (0,0) and has the same width and height as the whole image (by definition).

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I did check the EffectEnvironmentParameters and couldn't see much. It seems to provide BackColor, ForeColor and BrushWidth along with a GetSelection method which seemed promising but takes a Rectangle and returns a PdnRegion which doesn't seem quite what I wanted. Although I haven't worked long with this so it could be I'm misunderstanding the method :)

I thought maybe the rectangle could be a subset of the image, allowing you to grab a part of the selection only. But if I pass in dstArgs.Bounds I simply get the surface bounds again.

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