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CYOA: The Future of Space and Terra


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CYOA: Choose Your Own Adventure

A story in where people will vote for the choice A, B or C which will lead to another set of events displaying those choices.



Humans have destroyed the psychic barrier that sealed the mind and brain's potential. People now have the power of stasis and telekinesis. New technologies have sprung from a long lost technology from an ancient civilization unearthed within the faults of Terra which fastforwarded human technology to 400 Earth-years. These technologies were only sensed within the bedrock of the Southern pole of Terra because of telekinetic powers.

These technologies had the ability to bend reality which allowed the ability of Light-speed travel and speed up biotic regeneration.


2093, the Armidalla Pluto Space Station located within the orbit of Pluto sent a distress signal to the Io Defense Mechaloid and after that, the signal faded into static. A team of combat-trained kinetic soldiers were sent to the station to investigate the events.

And you're one of them.


You and the squad land at the docking entrance only to find blood scattered on the walls. The chief commanded you to investiage the premises while the other soldiers collect the blood traces for forensic study.

Inside the hall, you see an intersection which leads to two doors. The first one is locked with Mechaloid seals so there is no way to get inside. The second one however seems to be blocked by something which seems to be organic as a foul smells leaks into the hall. You..

A. Use a Pulse-Organo bombs to disintegrate all organic material present in the room.

B. Use an explosive device to destroy the door.

C. Use your kinetic abilities to bust the door open.


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