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I dont have many Images to post at this time however i do have a few, keep in mind im fairly new lemmi know how im doing for really starting to get into this only a few days ago.


I made this one after following the Making a polished spacescape tut



Thats actually it for wallpapers...and yeah the ship is pasted in :roll: (would post link but i've had the pic for a while^^)


This was my first sig, hey you gotta start somewhere right?


For my second Sig, i call it Sig#2^^ i had just figured out how to reflect objects and realized the importance of layers :wink:


And for what i like to call Sig#3 :roll: this was again after the polished spacescapes tut and i had figured out some of the gradient technics


and here are my two latest ones firstly encorporating a lot that i had learned and secondly just messing around however it came out quite cool i think.



and lastly i have a forum of my own (http://Jermsmusic.co.nr)

and i have made this logo for it.


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