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Label Maker v1.0 published 7/9/2024

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Label Maker v1.0


I remember having one of these when I was a kid:


This plugin is basically the same thing...





This plugin is made from this request: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/127977-suggestion-insert-text-with-color-in-background/







Run the included bat file to install.  Once installed, it will show up under Effects > Text Formations > Label Maker.



Source Code


// Name: Label Maker
// Submenu: Text Formations
// Author: BoltBait
// Title: BoltBait's Label Maker v1.0
// Version: 1.0
// Desc: Render text on a colored background
// Keywords: text|render|labels|maker
// URL: https://BoltBait.com/pdn
#region UICode
TextboxControl Amount1 = ""; // [255] Text
FontFamily Amount2 = "Arial"; // Font
IntSliderControl Amount6 = 72; // [10,200] Size
ColorWheelControl Amount3 = ColorBgra.FromBgr(0, 0, 0); // [PrimaryColor!] Text Color
ColorWheelControl Amount4 = ColorBgra.FromBgr(255, 255, 255); // [SecondaryColor!] Background Color
PanSliderControl Amount5 = new Vector2Double(0.000, 0.000); // Location
protected override unsafe void OnDraw(IDeviceContext deviceContext)
    string myText = " " + Amount1.Trim() + " ";
    // Maintain background

    // Get the size of our canvas
    RectFloat sourceBounds = new RectFloat(Point2Float.Zero, Environment.Document.Size);

    // Create a brush for text and a brush for the background
    // Whenever using the color out of a color wheel control, you must double cast it otherwise you'll get
    // the wrong shade of color.
    ISolidColorBrush solidFillBrush = deviceContext.CreateSolidColorBrush((LinearColorA)(SrgbColorA)Amount3);
    ISolidColorBrush backgroundBrush = deviceContext.CreateSolidColorBrush((LinearColorA)(SrgbColorA)Amount4);

    // Set the antialiasing modes
    deviceContext.AntialiasMode = AntialiasMode.PerPrimitive;
    deviceContext.TextAntialiasMode = TextAntialiasMode.Grayscale;

    // Set the text rendering mode

    // Prepare for rendering text
    IDirectWriteFactory textFactory = this.Services.GetService<IDirectWriteFactory>();
    IGdiFontMap fm = textFactory.GetGdiFontMap();

    // Select your font to look at the font properties
    FontProperties fp = fm.TryGetFontProperties(Amount2);

    // Use your font properties to create an actual font
    ITextFormat textFormat = textFactory.CreateTextFormat(
        fp.FontFamilyName, // font family name
        FontWeight.Bold, // font weight
        FontStyle.Normal, // font style
        fp.Stretch, // how to stretch the font
        Amount6); // size in points

    // Combine your text with your text format to create a layout
    ITextLayout textLayout = textFactory.CreateTextLayout(

    // Measure the text we're going to render
    TextMeasurement tm = textLayout.Measure();

    // Make a rectangle of the background strip we're going to color in
    RectFloat r = new RectFloat(sourceBounds.Center.X - (tm.Width/2), sourceBounds.Center.Y - (tm.Height/2), tm.Width, tm.Height);
    // Calculate the difference in location based on the [+] control
    float xoffset = r.X * (float)Amount5.X;
    float yoffset = r.Y * (float)Amount5.Y;

    // Here we always offset all drawing by 0.5f (half a pixel) to get cleaner renders
    // as this draws on pixel boundaries instead of between them.
    using (deviceContext.UseTranslateTransform(xoffset + 0.5f, yoffset + 0.5f))
        // Draw the background rectangle
        deviceContext.FillRectangle(r, backgroundBrush);
        // Draw the text
            myText, // the actual text to render
            textFormat, // format of text defined above
            r, // text location
            solidFillBrush, // our brush, from above
            DrawTextOptions.None); // Options



Enjoy! B) :beer: 


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Woooohooo! A new plugin!


Thanks for this @BoltBait, and many thanks also for the annotated source code :)

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6 minutes ago, ReMake said:

@BoltBait, have you compiled the effect in CodeLab?


Yes, I used Paint.NET v5.0.13 (latest stable release) and CodeLab v6.12.


I assume you've tried building it with PdN 5.1... @Rick Brewster has made some changes to PdN that break CodeLab in this area and this script won't build.  Rick is actively working on designing/coding some changes in this area and when he's done making it easy for plugin authors, I will support those changes in a new version of CodeLab.


Until then, just use the latest stable build.

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