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How do I save my creation in jpg, gif etc?

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Hello, I am new to Paint v3.36.

I looked at online tutorials and attempted their suggestions which were unsuccessful.

I made an image from 6 pictures I would like to save.

I selected the image and tried numerous ways to paste/select/save it.

I am unable to get the "Save Configuration" screen to appear. It just saves(to where, I am unsure) I saved in temporary documents but in was still in the Paint.net format that isn't allowed on photo hosting sites. Someone showed me how to do this once (so I know it is possible)and this is where I am stuck. I am in a library and the "help" features are disabled. In addition, the help link recommended on this site "cannot be displayed".

Thank you for your patience. After reading the forum rules, I doubt this post is appropiate.

Please refer me to a site that Google is willing to display for help if this is too silly for you to waste time on. Thank you.

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Although, unless there's a specific reason not to, I would recommend saving your images in PNG format. Not only does it save the pixels' alpha values, it also looks better in general.

JPG is better for presentations, websites etc. where you need to keep the file size small, though.

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Thank you. I was afraid to check back on this site.

I thought I would just be told off for asking a stupid question when I read your forum rules.

Or deleted. You can do that now, that's how you roll, you told me in your "terms".

So, I managed to figure it out by myself without your broken help screen, a manual or anyone who knows how to operate the program. In addition, I didn't threaten myself with rejection, so it paid off, didn't it? I would think y'all could be more professional....what country are you in ? Outsourced to India?

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I am unsure if you're trying to be comical or not, BlueYoni, but your tone is beginning to fair unpleasantly, which is not tolerated here, especially when two of our members have been kind enough to help you out. They were not rude to you, so do not reject that and become rude toward us.

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I lol'd.

Your query was well enough written, with an appropriate title...Except, it reads like a flame-bait.

In numerous other examples though, there is always a legitimate reason for having a thread locked.

Note that an image has to occupy 1 layer to be saved as anything other then a .pdn



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