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Blending and Shading

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Im a big fan of doing the work myself it seems though that I've hit a block and I need to ask a few questions. (Im pretty darn good with MS Paint.. and am working with this program as its kinda new to me still)

so here are 2 image below and then on to the questions.


On Image one the dragon (beast) in the ring (and the knotwork) coloration changes is that just the blending tool being used ? Ive tried blending colors and I'm just horrible at it...I'm going to read some more tuts and practice but I wanted to be sure it was just a blending technique being used.

On Image 2 the gal looks...um for lack of a better word "Cartoonish" is there a tutorial available I can read and learn how to do something like that with an existing image?

Image 1


Image 2


Any leads to the right direction would be appreciated !

thanks again,


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