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Spliced frames


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

Hope this is OK to post as new thread..... I saw this effect and decided to try my hand at it. (Modified with screen shots) If you would like to see the steps and try it here we go:

  • 1. Open the image you would like to splice
    2. Resize the canvas enough to allow you to slice up the segments and move around slightly. So for example a 750x500 could be sized to 1000x750. Using magic wand remove the white border




3. Add new layer behind your image onto which you add a grid (effects/render/grid) which has horizontal lines (or vertical depending on your taste) roughly where you would like to slice up. Remember not too many as it looks better with smaller numbers of slices. You may need to cut & paste the grid so it aligns with the top and bottom of your image as in the screenshot below.

4. Using rectangle select and the guidelines of the grid section out first segment on your picture layer and cut...
paste this segment into a new layer.




5. Select magic wand onto background of this layer then invert and move this segment slightly askew (you can play with these later to position better)

6. repeat the cutting and pasting into new layers so you have a separate layer for each segment. You can then view all layers together and play with the angles in the spliced finished product.




7. Working then on ONE layer at a time use your Line tool with your selected colour border (I used white and size 6) and carefully frame each segment. When happy with that add drop shadow ... again on each layer (I used a softer shadow so as not to distract from the photo.

8. When happy with the result merge together.
9. You can then added another layer and do the background colouring... or add another image or the same and fade back or as I did above remove colour. Possibilities are endless.

This is something used often in scrapbooking so thought it may be helpful. Apologies if this has been done previously... did a search and couldn't find it.



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This is actually pretty cool. I think that this method can be used as in Photoshop. You know how you slice images and then save them separately for web sites? Well, this is the method that you showed. I think this is very helpful for web designers. :) Awesome job!

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Add new layer behind your image onto which you add a grid (effects/render/grid) which has horizontal lines (or vertical depending on your taste) roughly where you would like to slice up.

Where is Grid, it's not in my effects/render/ :shock: Am I blind? Is there a plug-in we must download before trying this tut? I mean no one said anything about it. :shock:

Url to screenshot on my PDN: http://i43.tinypic.com/n1w390.jpg



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