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How to Clone Yourself!

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PDF added 29 June 2013 by EER. The language has been cleaned up and the images restored.

Today, I wanna show you how to clone yourself! First I want to say, that Im from Germany and my English isn't the best! Feel free to correct!

This Tutorial is not very hard and

requires little time!


What you need:: Very important | Not so important

Preparation and processing:Attention: | Notes

What you need:


- A tripod

- A remote control to trigger

- A Camera


- Paint.Net


- Photoshop (You can also use this)

Plugins (Paint.Net):

- Feather or AA's Assistant 


You put the camera on a hard ground or on your tripod. Attention: The camera don't move while you make the pictures!

Now you trigger the camera with the remote control, with a second person behind the camera or with a ?Self-trigger?

Attention: The lighting conditions should remain relatively the same!

If all of the photos made it grabs the photos on the PC and opens it with the graphics editing program. Here: Paint.Net


Did you open all the photos, it looks the best out. Choose: Quality, optics and appearance.

This is the lowest layer at which nothing will be deleted!

Now it opens each image in a new layer. This copy has a picture and then goes to the most beautiful picture onEdit -> Paste in a new layer.

Now you continue on each picture. Than I should looks like this:

Now you choose Layer 4. There you choose theSelection-Tool and make a Rectangel around you!

Now you continue with the Lasso-Tool, the Line/Curve-Tool or with another method!

Now you use the Feather-Plugin to remove the edges around you.!

I've used the Values 10 | 10 and True Feather, because there you can see the best result!

No you continue like that on all layers, without the Background-Layer!

Other notes:

In some places you'll have good cut, to get good results!

The final result:

I hope you enjoy it, and criticism and suggestions for improvement are allowed!

Greetz, Settler

Edit1: Pictures!

Edit2: Links!

Edit3: Tutorial as PDF(Link) remove

Edit4: A NEW VERSION: 2.0

How to Clone Yourself.pdf

Edited by Ego Eram Reputo
Added revised PDF.

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I'm going to drop this into the Newbie Playground, because I think it's something new users would have a lot of fun with. And it teaches about layers pretty well. :-)

I'll also change some of your translations to the wording used in the English-localized versions.

One last thing: If you run into problems with harsh lines where the transitions are, try using "feather" to smooth them out.

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Basically, take two photos of someone in different parts of a room with a camera on a tripod. Open the photos into separate layers in Paint.NET and delete the parts between the photos.

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