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Alphabet contest ;)

Who of these 6 should join the final of the alphabet contest?  

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  1. 1. Who of these 6 should join the final of the alphabet contest?

    • pika2
    • 42nt1
    • trickman
    • Picc84
    • Alex G
    • batfinger

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Alrighty. I didn't realize how interesting this would become. I thought it'd be just an interesting challenge, but it really absorbed my life last night. I spent about three hours on it last night, and I came up with something I really like, especially the lone bird soaring over the polluting buildings. In fact, I think it's my favorite PDN composition I've made to date. Seriously. :)

Flohrian, you should think up good ideas like this all the time. :wink:

Anyway, on to the submission.

Welcome to Alphabet City. The pulse will sweep you away:


Click here for full size (800 x 200) image.

Many kudos to Guillaume Séguin, the designer of the font used in this image: Anthology, as well as many other awesome fonts, including Turbo Ripped, Chic Decay, and Anthem. Check out his stuff here:



I hope you like it!

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Oh no, CMD is gonna win :(:cry:

Like I said: If you'd like, I could disqualify myself from the competition part of this thing on account of me being graphics-king! :wink:

I don't mind being thrown out, so long as I can still post stuff. I know no one likes a ringer. :wink: And I don't want peoples to hate me. :(


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Yep! It's 100% PDN.

The buildings are filled rectangles, the hills are curved lines with a fill below and a Frosted Glass effect with scatter of 1, the smoke is blurred and opaque filled ellipses... Et cetera.

The only non PDN thing is the font, but that's normal. :wink: I could make the PDN available if you'd like to see it. :D

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You asked for it!

http://www.freewebs.com/crazy-man_dan/a ... 4-slim.pdn

And I don't think there's a set final submission date, but Flohrian said in the first post that the end will have to be after July 29th.


There is indeed a set submission date.

Everyone who want to take part post his/her image here in the forum till 01-08-2006, 23:59:59 GMT

From 08-07-2006 to 29-07-2006 I will be in holidays, so the end must be AFTER this time Very Happy

So, before midnight on August 1st.

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Sure do! That's pure CSS right there! No yucky tables... :wink:

In fact, if you have Firefox, Opera, Safari... basically any non-IE browser, you can go under the View menu and choose alternate stylesheets. Simple (Bright) and Hungry Wolf (Dark) aren't uploaded, but Crystal (Classic), Flat (Imageless), and Alphabet are all working. I don't have enough server room on my current host to have all 5 styles uploaded at once. That's why I'm moving soon!

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Har! I just noticed it's completely broken in IE... Forgot to check that before I uploaded...

Anyway, I've changed it back to Crystal until I can "fix" what's wrong. Until then, Non-IE users can check it out by changing the stylesheet to Alphabet under the View menu.

Anyway, back to the alphabet!

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