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Yellow eyes

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There was talk of this back when the Red Eye Reduction plugin was released. But I don't think it came to anything.

My recommendation would be to use Conditional Hue & Saturation.

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It looks like the Red Eye Reduction plugin is not going to help. Here's what Tanel (plugin author) had to say:

Well, I'd like to have "red" eye removal for animals, too. This was requested before, but I will not spend my time searching the thread :)

I'm no coder, but it's just yellow-green instead of red... :shock:

It's not that simple, the eyeshine phenomenon has quite different character color wise. I couldn't even find any good PS tutorial for that, other than ones suggesting to paint it over.

I would say it is doable but should be a separate plugin. This one must keep UI as light as possible IMO.

So I still feel that Conditional Hue & Saturation is the way to go.
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