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How to move the shapes

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I just downloaded this program and used the shapes tools. However, I can't move or resize them onec I place them in my picture. Also, is there a speech and thought bubble available and again how do you selet these items. I can't select text or shapes once I placed them?

Thanks Ron

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This is not a bug. :wink:

When you make shapes with the shape tool, you're not actually creating an object. All it's doing is changing the color of the pixels on the image in the shape of a rectangle. If you want to move the shape after creation, switch to the Rectangle Select tool and drag a selection around the shape. When the shape is selected, switch to the Move Selected Pixels tool (the black arrow) and move the selection. :)

One thing to remember, though: If you're making your shapes on another image, make your shapes on a new layer. That way, you can move them around without affecting the source image.

Now, to make a speech bubble, you could try using an outlined Rounded Rectangle. There isn't a Thought Bubble shape, though..

Hope that helps!


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