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Global Warming


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I dont think its really a matter of global warming, i'm not really big into the climate change thingo. Its just, no can tell me that the state of asia's (china's in particular) rivers are good, or the Amazon is doing great. The human obsession to strip every natural beautiful thing of its resources even if theres alternatives is disgusting and needs to stop. To me climate change is a front for the cause that i believe in. So what if the alternatives may cost a little more. I'd rather pay for a future that my children can enjoy without polluted beaches and wrecked wildlife habitat.

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Does anyone remember in another debate how Hitman-x- replyed to someone from Texas who was posting various links to support his arguement? I can't find it, but it'd be perfect in this here situation.

hey that was me!


http://www.tgdaily.com/html_tmp/content ... 3-113.html

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