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I have a pojects about image, that is stamping a picture on the base picture.And my difficult that is user can remove any stamp on the picture if they don't want. I have search on internet a lot, and found that your program is my big guide.That is control each stamp as a layer. Can you tell me how to control each picture as a layer.I'm working with visual studio.net 2003.Can you send me your code which working studio.net 2003? Or explain this technique for me. Thanks a lot my email is zzfirezzdragon@yahoo.com (Thanks a million)

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Ok, I will explain my projects with you.

My project is same as a part of your program.

I have a base picture (called picture 1).Then I click on picture2, the picture2 overlay on apart of picture1. then click on picture3,picture3 overlay on picture2 and picture1.

If user click on Remove button,and click on picture2, the picture2 will be removed from display.So we have picture3 overlay picture1.

But I can't control how to display picture2 is transparent to picture1 and picture3.Such as photoshop, at begin you have background layer, then you chose writing tool to write to the picture, it creates new layer. I want to know the technique you use to control each layer.Can you help me?

If possible can you share your code (in which version working with .net framework 1.1).thanks a lot.

Because I'm not good at English so I can't explain this problem clearly.

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2.5 isn't available for download in any form anymore. It's completely discontinued, and not supported in any way at all.

Anyway I'm still not really sure what you're trying to do, you'll just have to learn it on your own.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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Oh, Can you give me an exception.Because I'm really need it I read this topic many time and wait for your answer, you can send it to my email address to keep it private.Please help me, because I can't find any help.

At the present, my big problem is :

If I have a background layer and the layer2, I draw a lot of black rectangle on layer 2, then I click on eraser button.How can erase the black rectangle and show the background layer.Such as in this picture


Please help me!

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if you want to erase part of the second layer, the rectangles, then you need to click on layer 2 to select it. see, in this picture, you selected background. capture0049qx.gif

all you have to do is click on "layer 2" in the layers window, and then you can delete the rectangles.

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I think what you're asking is "how does the concept of layers work", right? Answer: You just keep each layer's bitmap separate in memory, and composite them together when you want to present it to the user.

Some ways to composite are described in this article:

http://www.pegtop.net/delphi/articles/b ... /intro.htm

If you have trouble understanding the terminology on that site, you should probably pick up a book on basic raster graphics theory/programming.

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