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how to recolor with transparency

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I just downloaded and started using paint.net. I was trying to replace the colors (solid black) of the scratch lines with the color they were surrounding (semi-transparent red, with RGB=255, 0, 0, and alpha=127), but the recoloring tool doesn't seem to be able to do transparency, and these lines ended up being solid red. I am just wondering if there is a way to get around that (either with a setting in recolor which I didn't know about, or using a different tool). The same goes for the erasing tool as well as the line drawing tool, etc. Thanks.


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You can set the transparency of the eraser tool by adjusting the primary color's alpha value.

For your problem, you could use the magic wand in this mode :Link: , select the black, Ctrl+X (cut) ans Ctrl+Shift+V (Paste in a new layer), recolor the lines, and then adjust the layer's opacity. Or simply download BoltBait's Transparency plugin, select the black lines, recolor them in red and use the plugin.

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Try setting the recolor tool's blend mode from Normal Blending to Overwrite, then use recolor. To set it, just look under the toolbar with all the save, print icons etc. It should look like this:

Normal Blending: :NormalBlending:

Overwrite: :OverwriteBlending:

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