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PLug-ins and properties question

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Wow....love the program and the plugins are great.... mostly like the photo/soften photo.

1. more plugins aimed toward photos would be great ( skin tones/blending/blemishes removal etc.....) improve my noobish photo skills please.

2. a plugin to photos like an engraving...I was more interested in the engraving like you would have on money. I would take a photo of someone and then use the engrave plugin to get that engraved look with color changes. with the engraving options of wording or dots etc....MONEY

3. plug in - properties for any image, i want to add author,Exif, and what plugins where used. I say this because not all pics have a property value that is settable.

I dont know if this is the rite forum to place this.


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Greetings ken_dot_pistol.

I'll try to answer you in order:

1) this is something I cannot speak for, this is entirely at the fancy of a plugin author. Who knows but God when more plugins along those lines will come about. The request is out in the open now, all you can do is wait.

2) Have you given Toli's Engrave/Emboss plugin a whirl. It might turn out to be what you're looking for.

3) It is highly unlikely you will see any sort of EXIF editor in Paint.NET within the current 3.xx branch. The notion has been batted around once or twice already. If chances are fortunate, you might find something like this in the 4.xx series sometime, a version slated to release next year at the earliest.

I hope some of this helps.

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