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Post Your Computer Case Mods


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I was a little hesitant to post this topic for two reasons: 1. It was probably already made (I can't seen to find one though. There's one for computer specs, but can't find one about computer mods) so if I'm violating any guidelines, I apologize and the mods can close this topic. And 2. I wasn't sure if anybody would follow it. I decided to try and post it anyways, so here goes.

I built this baby (which I named "Beast") from scratch back in 2003 with a huge help from one of my nephews. It has a CD and DVD drive, 4 extra blue LED fans, including a 6" in the front which are all controlled by the front blue lighted panel that you see there. Plus another one that installs on the expansion slots that sucks the air inside the case and blows it back out. We customized the case' door to open out from top to bottom like a draw bridge and added a chrome handle at the top. We covered the wires from the inside of the case with blue and chrome colored tubes for better air flow and to make it look less cluddered with wires all over the place. We took off the original legs of the case and added longer chrome one's to make it taller, also for better air flow at the bottom of the case. We painted the whole inside of the case black before adding anything to it for an even color inside. We topped it off with a blue LED light tube which is what lights up the inside. I chose not to add too much blue LED lights as they will make it look too bright and too much light all over the place get's pretty annoying. Also because too many LED's inside, leads to too much heat and that's what I'm trying to avoid altogether. Anyways, that's just the basic description of the case. Not much to look at, but for my first, I'm pretty proud I guess lol There's still other mods I might want to add, but that's later on. I know the image is a bit too dark, but I wanted the lights and all to stand out more. The blue lighted square you see in the bottom right is the mouse pad which can be set to different colors, but I keep it at blue.


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I personally don't own an xbox, but my nephew does. But he has so much personal junk all over it, I can't really see how the recent xbox looks like lol So what mods have you done so far to your xbox jake2k? May I suggest something? lol I'm not sure what can or cannot be added and hooked up to an xbox, but if you can, what if you add an LED light tube (or 2 and color of your choice) to the inside of the case so that the light can show through the top four cut out designs that show on the 3rd image? That would look pretty awesome. Or, if it's possible, (it might require more work though because of the circuit board and all) maybe you can cut out a couple of holes (the size of the LED light tubes) at the bottom of the case and place some LED light tubes there. That will give it the effect of the colored light coming out from underneath the case. That would look pretty awesome as well. 8)

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Oh yea those are common mods among xbox modders haha, I have a softmodded halo green xbox with leds around the edge (kinda hard to explain) and a circular cold cathode around a custom halo jewel on the top. It was awesome untill the hdd went out :( . The one in the pics above still needs a ton of work before I can even start on the lighting.


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