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Front side of building sign, how to make its back side?

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Well, I keep working with paint and I'm learning.

Here is another thing I'd like to learn to do. If I start with this sign photo:


and I want to create the other side of this sign so that it will read correctly from the other side, I can't just flip the images, print them and glue them back to back because the back side will read from right to left.


Now, there are two possibilities as I see it to get the letters correct. I could select the upper part of the sign, HOTEL, crop and print, and I'd be half way home. Then I don't know what to do with the VAN. That gets to the second possibility. Can I take the flipped image, select just the letters HOTEL and VAN, individually, and then separate each from the back ground, flip the words, then reinsert them back into the background, then print?

Or am I making this too hard or asking too much?


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