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How do I create a "text box" (white background)

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I am brand new to Paint.net. I take a lot of photo's of machinery and equipment as an inspector. I annotate my findings directly on the pictures. The old program I used was not very flexible. I like many of the features of Paint.net, but I can't figure out how to make a "text box". The text feature just places the text on the picture, which is great sometimes, but not always. I need to create a feature where the background of the text is a white box (which I could sometimes move around). Same for circles rectangles. Sometimes I need them to be "transparent" and other times I need them to be filled with a color of my choice (usually white). Is there an easy way to do this? I have already figured out that I could layer in a white box, and then write on top of it, but that is too many steps. Any shortcuts?

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open your photo

leave your colors at primary black secondary white

add a transparent layer

use selection tool and draw where you want the box (rectangle/circle whichever you wish)

change to paintbucket tool

right click inside the box to fill with white.

best to add another transparen layer for the text

type the text

merge the text down to the rectangle box.

when you are satified all is in correct position under image flatten and then save your photo.

if you need semi transparent box you need to open the color wheel hit the more button.

addjust the sliding bar bottom right for transparency 255 is opaque decending numbers gives transparency.

hope that helps

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Thanks, but multiply layering was what I was trying to avoid. I just wanted the background of my text to be white rather than "hollow" or "transparent". If I have to create layers for each text box, merge them and size them to get them to fit, that is not easier than the program I already use.

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How much text are you writing? One line or multiple lines?

Do you require font resizing or any color options?

Can you post an example of what you want?

I _may_ have a solution (quick & dirty :twisted: ) that you might find acceptable.

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I understand how to change the font/size/color of the text. That is not my issue. I am looking for a simple method to have a white block background for my text (usually black text on white background, but sometimes other colors), just as text looks on this post. The concept of a "text box" is common for many other programs. I'm just looking for a simple method to have my text in the photo, without becoming part of the picture, nor taking away from what is being shown. I use the text boxes to label components of equipment in the photo or relationships between to pieces of gear in the photo.

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well there is a plugin called rounded rectangle has a color wheel so you can change the box color, it can do circles or squares. you can change x y dimenions of the box and x y position of the box. and then type your text on it.

but i find just drawing my text boxes and typing far quicker than fiddling with the x y positions. but you might give it a try.

both would be the same number of steps as far as I can figure out. perhaps Ego Eram Reputo will come up a better alternative for you.



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Boy, I thought this was supposed to be easy. I was just looking for a way for the text box (white background) to be determined by the number of spaces, or characters of text I type...as I type. Carriage returns would cause the box to expand down one line, etc. I'm about ready to give up and go back to my old program.

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There's no automatic way to do this. I'm sorry if that means you'll have to go back to your old way of doing things, but the program doesn't have everything.

You said it was a common feature, but I'm not sure where else you've seen it. What was your old program?


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@jfe Check your private messages. The solution I mentioned is just about ready and I'd like to discuss customizing it with you.

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