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Abstract GlassOrb


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Agree with Helen on the wings but there are also a light semi-circle on the top of the red triangle. Otherwise, it is a super image! I love the way you have used many layers & the soft focus for much of the background with the starker blue band. The crystals at the top of the wings is a nice contrast with the streaks at the bottom of the wings, which indicate upward movement. A very interesting piece! Well done!


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Oh, wow. You created such excellent pieces! These are really cool. I like how you laid out everything in your first latest image. The phone is also superb. I like how the words, "Accept" and "Deny" are glowing.

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Along the lines of Helen's comments, it appears the "Nova Tech" seem to be slightly mismatched. The "Tech" portion of the text is bright on the top left and dark towards the lower right whereas the "Nova" portion don't show these same attibutes. Maybe this is how one or multiple effects were applied (maybe off-centered)?

I like the piece overall though, I just think that if the effect was intentional, maybe if it was applied equally between the 2 words, it would be even better.

I also think that the font used is a good choice.

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Nice! In the previous version, the surrounding elements causes the viewer towards the center, whereas in this version the "Nova Tech" stands it's own ground more equal to the overall image itself and doesn't "disappear" into the work as the previous version began to do.

My personal taste however suggests to me that it needs/wants something else. I don't specifically know though what that would be (don't let this comment be interpretted as there is something necessarily wrong with it as I might very well be a minority in this opinion).

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You have amazingly detailed works. My sig is based off of yours in the hexagonal grid portion. It's an awesome idea, so I couldn't resist.

The rat skull is interesting. Likewise, it would be better larger, but it's still great all the same! :D Keep it up.

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