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Monthly Skinning Competition XIV - Voting commences!

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And now! At Last! Another competition completely different from some of the other competitions which aren't quite the same as this one is.

Ending the the year in style, relish this limited edition, two–month special!

What's this? A poll?

Judgment approaches! Five days, this poll shall be open... and then—well, cake, of course.


The Spec's:

In this episode, as in the previous special, freedom and creativity reign supreme. With Applications being the theme of the last special, this time you must either skin or design a website.

You enjoy the same flexibility—the option to either redesign an existing website, or to create a website that (as of now) does not exist.

An elaboration...

Now, understand this: all submissions must be graphical. No coding is required to make an entry; simply enter a representing, mock–up image—created with Paint.NET.

If you would like to actually code and assemble your entry, you may do so, provided that you submit a screenshot (Wiki this) of the completed design.


  • [*:23d9ocjs]All of the
Forum Rules apply. Any submission that breaks the Rules will be instantly disqualified; further measures may be taken at the Moderating Team's discretion.
[*:23d9ocjs]All source images used in your submission must be linked to. If you fail to provide these by the end of submission time, your creation will be disqualified.
[*:23d9ocjs]Unless your screenshots are small, please post extra screenshots after your first as clickable thumbnails (how do I do this?).
[*:23d9ocjs]Once you have submitted your entry, you may no longer add to or edit your post, with the exception of adding links to source images.
[*:23d9ocjs]This thread is for submissions only. If you'd like to discuss the competition or a submission, look no further!
[*:23d9ocjs]Be courteous and kind.
[*:23d9ocjs]Have fun!

All entries are due by Christmas Morn! [11]

Happy All–Saint's Day, and don't forget to set your clocks back! :)

v An excellent open–source strategy game—highly recommended.


"I wish I had never been born," she said. "What are we born for?"

"For infinite happiness," said the Spirit. "You can step out into it at any moment..."

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first time at doing anything on Paint.NET =P

links to the sources





house icon © shk_828

yes, i know the cursor is huge, but oh well, big is good :D


just realised ==

this is a comp to skin a website ==

oh well =P

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I wanted to make a portfolio/gallery type of site that was simple and easy on the eyes so that it wouldn't take the focus off the art or photo's being showcased. I also wanted it to look good in any color and be easy to navigate.




The only stocks used are the photos and I only cropped/resized and added a border so I didn't think it would be necessary to post all the links but if you think otherwise just let me know and I will.

I do want to give credit to the photographers though so here they are in no particular order:

Gwarf, Jellings, girlmarvel, White-Light-Filter, Dagwanoenyent, skatendavie, Pixie777, BenKodjak, Mick75, abbyflame, eightoutof7, Bosorka, herbrokentoy, DragonC, drakOnia, Eatshit2, i-shadow, miss-crowhurst, gnato, TallJohn, alba88, mister-kovacs, y2jabba, mR-Stick, TheChevver, davincipoppalag, Pirate-Queen, Initio, SuperTerrific, delbarital, el-la, thomdenson, Draco-Vetus, ScorpionEntity, and finkycake.

Check em out on DeviantArt.com ;)


^Click to visit my Flickr Gallery^

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Black Canvas Photography Website Laybout by Survulus



The only stocks used were the actual photography images. Credit goes tot he following DeviantArtists (in no particular order):




















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  • 4 weeks later...

Here's my submission. I used my gecko that I made (I did it with the intention for a website) and created a mockup design of a web site for kids. I used images from Google Images:

The jaguar: http://www.destination360.com/south-america/brazil/jaguar.php

Bird: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/3/4509684_4d1721751a.jpg

Insect: http://www.ecuador-images.net/beetle-rainforest9.jpg

Flower: http://natureproducts.net/forest_products/Gingers/Costus_red.jpg


Though it might look stuffy, I know that for kids they would need something eye-catching and easy to read.

Don't spit into the well, you might drink from it later. -----Yiddish Proverb

Glossy Galaxy Ball---How to Make Foliage
My Gallery

PDN Fans--My DA

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Remembered about this competition today, so i thought i'd design something. So...

Here's my entry:


The 3 pages

Gallery Main Menu

Gallery - Space Art

Tutorials Main Menu

I know the content text is aliased, i thought it looked better that way.

No stocks. 100% PDN.

Merry Christmas


.::.My Gallery.::.Make Gold Text!.::.

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Well, I guess I will submit an older work of mine for this competition. Created it in mid-November as an actual subsitute for the current layout :)

(Click for Larger)


(Click for Larger)

The mountain view and the Paint.NET logo are licensed to Rick Brewster, with getpaint.net adapation edited by me. The RSS icons are licensed as well as the Paypal image. Sorry for the largely marked out section regarding ads :oops:


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