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TGA Transparency Troubles

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I'm trying to make a TGA to use as a texture for my game, however the transparency does not seem to be saved properly, and is instead replaced with white. Photoshop did this also, and released a patch here: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/ ... ftpID=1544

I was wondering if anyone could perhaps tell me if there's some way to do this in Paint .NET, perhaps even by writing a new TGA file extension plug in?

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I've made a TGA file with Paint.NET and used it in a machinima film without any problems. Make that when you import the file into whatever program you use to texture that you make it an alpha texture. I'm not sure if the program you use allows this, but in UnrealED if you don't click "Alpha" any transparent area is turned to white.


Hope that helps.

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I have problems in Paint.NET, with that when I open .tga files it only shows me the "alpha" channel, and not the texture itself. How do I rectify this situation? Speaking of which, does Paint.NET have any concept of "channels" such as those in Photoshop? Red, Green, Blue, Alpha etc

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