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Request:Got the game .dds feature but.....

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How about normal mapping and glow maps?

The .dds feature is superb but it is useless without the normal mapping to be able to add the .dds as a texture for a game.

Most modders use GIMP or Adobe Photoshop because of the .dds needing to be mapped to correctly look great ingame.

I love Paint.NET it's ease of use is superb only complaint I got is there is no way of normal mapping a .dds texture for my modding.

Let me show a example of the map I talk of: Photobucket won't upload .dds only reason I changed it to jpeg format.

The top is the Angel wings for a wearable angel wings ingame clothing.

The mesh is 3d so in order for the angel wing .dds to look as it should the normal map gives it the ability to be able to sit correctly on the 3d mesh.

.dds file


_n.dds normal map


Angel wings in the game:


Nvidia video graphic card has a plugin for adobe photoshop to create .dds and the normal map so can be placed on a mesh using niftscope program.

http://developer.nvidia.com/object/phot ... #downloads

GIMP has this version:

http://nifelheim.dyndns.org/~cocidius/n ... /#download

Any Chance of Paint.NET having a normal map feature pretty please?

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Being a long time level designer / from the day SoF2 came out I was playing with the mapping tools right up to now with CoD4. When dealing with .dds for textures, I have come to the understanding that Adobe and PDN are useless for making detailed .dds files. However what I do is: I save the image as a png and then use dds Converter to make my game .dds files. it was made for doing textures and it does them very well. You should download it and try it out. You may need to play with the setting to get the best results.

http://eliteforce2.filefront.com/file/D ... rter;29412

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