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retaining the dpi on paste or import ?

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another question re my large art commission piece.

I've decided to go with 5400 x 5400 18 x 18 '' at 300 dpi

this gives me the option of downsizing it to the 12 x 12 or putting flat dab in middle of just a straight 24 x 24 background. first discussed here viewtopic.php?f=12&t=27326

now this question

I'll need to do in portions to accomidate all the layers and not overextend the memory.

if I do a say 9 x 9 portion at 300 dpi and pop it into the original 18 x 18 layer. will copy and paste effect the dpi?

or is it better to save the 9 x 9 portion as a png. and use layer bring from file?

do either of these methods retain the original 300 dpi.

ciao OMA

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Saving as a PNG will retain the DPI of the image. But whether you copy and paste or import from file, the final canvas will have to be 300 DPI before saving it, otherwise it will remain at its original resolution. Because we all know what happens when we upsize at the last minute!

Say your final-piece canvas is the default resolution of 96 DPI and your section at 300 DPI. You can import or copy across the 300 DPI image but the canvas will still remain at the 96 DPI, because Paint.NET does not know you want to the whole thing at 300, it will assume you're intention is to import a 300 to 96.

To round it off: have your canvas at a resolution of 300 DPI from the onset, before any transferring. That way, it will cut out any mess.

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just checking I've got this correct.

if I have background at 24 " 300 dpi. I can import a 18" 300 dpi with no lose of clairty as long as I do not stretch or pull or manipulate it beyond the 18" square radius.

same as if I want to import say a sphere shape/triangle shape odd stretchy thing I made at 9" x 9" as long as it 300 dpi and it stays the same size within the larger 24" canvas?

does that make sense?

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if I have background at 24 " 300 dpi. I can import a 18" 300 dpi with no lose of clairty
Yes, in that circumstance you can do that without loss of clarity. The import is smaller in dimension to the destination canvas (therefore will fit), and the two are of the same resolution. That will be perfectly safe.

As you know, stretching anything out of proportion will lose it clarity, it doesn't what DPI or size it is.

and it stays the same size within the larger 24" canvas
Yes, as long as the DPI between the two are the same, you'll be fine.


I don't have a copy of Paint.NET at hand at the moment, so I can't do any testing. I am sure that any copying/pasting will change the DPI of the import to the destination canvas, so as long as that destination is the same as the import, all will be well and fine, and you can print happily ever after.

Does this help clear things up for you?

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i think so. I'm doing a test run working with a much smaller size 6" square and 2" and 4"

will have a quick print off at old wally mart tomorrow or next day to compare the quality and clarity of import and paste. I know wal mart isn't the greatest but if their mediocre printing can give me decent results I'll be fine once I take the larger version to a quality print shop.

:lol: Its certainly a good thing I'm used to using about 5 or 6 PDN's at once, and switching and copying and importing between multiple open files.


thanks all.

I believe I'm a go on this one. now to just hammer out the ideas in my head to individual pdn's and how each shall be crossed and combined together.

wish me luck.

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