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Bezier Curves Missing

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Its an great effort ..... The software is really really cooool . Just one thing i felt missing was Bezier Curves. Can we see it in the next release.. ??

I don't speak for the developers. But I'd like to know if Photoshop even has Beziers. According to the devs, P.Net is 1/10th of Photoshop, 10 times better than Paint. They try not to get too specific in features as to hinder functionality.

I am a programmer, I can create code. That's not to say 'fkjkslgdajgsfsgaafghg' will work in the compiler.

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Well, bezier curves haven't been cut from the v2.2 feature set ... yet. Because of a bunch of other things implemented for v2.2, adding bezier curves has become much easier.

Honestly, the main problem with adding this is that the toolbox is already full. If we add another row it is way too big for a 1024x768 screen (it overlaps the Color box). Or we could expand it to be 3 columns, but ... ehh, it might look clunky.

We can technically get rid of the Pan tool (the 'hand') since its functionality is now present in every tool for v2.2 (just hold down the spacebar and then drag), so we'll see about that. But then everyone will ask, "where did the Pan tool go?!" :)

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