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newer version of paint.net?

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Why do I keep seeing posts about Paint.net versions 4 & 5 but I have 3.36 and I can't find a newer one anywhere!!

I want to use the custom brushes plugin (YES i know how to install it) but there isn't an option to USE it that I can find. Am I missing it? Or do I need a newer version? If I need a newer version, how the hell do I get it?!

[edit] is it not out yet or something? I'm reading back through the posts & it seems like people are using it. Is it only available to certain people? When I read the paint.net blog, it said something about version 4 but they were "planning" for it.. aka it's not out yet. I'm so confused!


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The reason so many people are talking about v4.x, is that Rick has announced he is doing a major rewrite of the codes. And that this rewrite will make several new features possible or easier to implement in the future.

But don’t hold your breath. Release date for v4.0 is still unknown.

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And why are there plugins for v4 if it's not out yet? Or am I confused?
Yes, you are confused ;).

There are no plugins out for v4.0 yet, mainly because there is no v4.0 released for authors to test their plugins on. However, there are plugins, such as Simon's Custom Brushes, which are 'placeholders' of such. They are features that are intended to be included with v4.0, bringing them to be used now in lieu of v4.0.

These plugins will become largely obsolete with the big release.

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When was it fixed? I just downloaded the other day and it isn't working for me.

Where am I supposed to go in Paint.net in order to use the custom brushes? What option or tool?

I unzipped the file, and put them in a Custom Brushes folder in my Paint.net User Files but I can't get to them in Paint.net.. I guess I just don't understand how to use them..? I followed the instructions and re-did it a million times but I still cant USE them.

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I've read it a million times!!

What do you mean by "To use it run it once and then open up My Documents\Paint.NET User Files\Custom Brushes."? Run what once?

When I open up the custom brushes folder, this is what I see:


Is that what it's supposed to look like?

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