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warping and stretching

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Newbie - I skin for Sims 2.

(I've looked in tutorials for help, but I'm not sure of the right name..)

I'd like to know how to stretch a fabric texture, as later, when it's pasted over a 3D model (in EA's programe - Bodyshop), the texture distorts over 'body' parts that stick out, like the hips. I can't find the right tool in Paint.NET that allows you to drag parts of the edges to compensate.

Pre-made graphics always distort later.

I'd also like to know how to get higher quality pixel results - often the fabric is really 'pixelled' as soon as I paste it in.

I know almost nothing about this software, so be easy on me! Thanks.

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Hey, Windgirl! Probably the best way to drag parts of the image around is to use the selection tool to select what you want to move, and then click select the "Move Selection" tool, and drag the nubs around to where you want the image to be. I've never done any work in regards to The Sims 2, so I can't help much with the quality. In general, a few ways to improve quality is to apply a "sharpen" effect or try saving as a different file type. That's the best I can do, maybe someone who is familiar with skinning for The Sims 2 could help you out more then me.

If you're not into numbers, call me Chris!

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Thanks for the help, but I had no luck. The whole thing moves - I'd like to stretch out some parts and gather in others. People can do it with Photoshop using Edit-Transform - I'm hoping Paint.NET has an equvialent function somewhere :) I've tired sharpening, but even lightly, it tends to make the pixels stand out more, rather than clearing things up.

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To move/resize just part of an image, do as follows:

1. Select which part of the image you'd like to manipulate. Pressing "S" will give you a rectangular selection tool, pressing "S" twice will give you a lasso selection tool, and pressing "S" three times will give you a circular selection tool. (EDIT: There's a mistake with the image here. After just selecting you will see no nubs around the selection area)


2. Select the "Move Selected Pixels" tool. (Press M)


3. Now click somewhere away from the selected area and drag to move it, or click and drag one of the squares (nubs) around the selection to resize the selection.


Hope that clears things up a bit! :)

If you're not into numbers, call me Chris!

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