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Plants making a wave/growing together


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Hi again! This is a tut for making something that in a way looks like plants... well I think so.

Some may say that the result has a resemblance to the "make a wave" effect, but it is in most ways very different.

Anyway, it should give you a result like this:


Before we start you need these plugins:

Flip Horizontal


Now we can start! Here's what you do:

Open a new project :FileNew: and paint the background black (I added the black later as you can see in the images, but doesn't matter when you add it.)

Add a new layer :AddNewLayer:.

apply KaleidoGen with quantity of shapes: 15, drawing area width: 505, drawing area hight: 285 and overlay amount: 1.


Now use Zoom Blur Deluxe :ZoomBlur: With quality: high and amount: 4-5.

Duplicate layer :DuplicateLayer:.

Add Twist :Twist: with amount/direction: 30,00, the rest at default settings.


On the top layer you Duplicate layer :DuplicateLayer:.

Now use the Flip Horizontal :Horiz: plugin.


On the top layer set the Layer Blend Mode :Properties: to glow.

Merge :MergeDown: the layers and your done!


Hope you like this plant-like grass/wave thing :) Comment and show your result, and tell me if something is wrong.

You can also use this to make other things:

flowerishaj8.th.png deadplantfh2.th.png tramojowallpaper4vx3.th.jpg

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